Artiom Dashinsky

I’m Artiom Dashinsky from Tel Aviv and I Design products.
Make them happen.

My publication in

Smashing Magazine

Retinize It

Smashing Magazine is the most popular and respectful design and development blog.

Wide spread of Retina displays compels designers and developers to fit their workflow for supporting high-resolution displays.

In the publication I share my experience in preparing graphics for development for Retina displays using Retinize It - tool I created by myself.

The article got a lot of feedback from Smashing Magazine readers and other respectful designers.

UI/UX, product

Sodastream Mobile Website

Sodastream went public on the Nasdaq and gained $1.46 billion market cap in 2011 and aggressively grew in 2012, with earnings per share growing 57%.

SodaStream understands the importance of design driven products and works with one of the best designers in the world Yves Béhar who designed recent SodaStream product named Source.

The company realised importance and potential of mobile eCommerce market, I designed it’s mobile website in 2012 and managed the front-end development process.

Sodastream Mobile Website

UI/UX Design



Designer should have a wide vision on product’s experience and help his team (and company) ship the right product to users.

JitBit is a company that develops software used by Intel, HP, Nokia, Siemens, Ericcson, Vodafone and more.

I was responsible for a complete UI and UX redesign of the website.

The website was designed in flat design “before it was cool”. Me and the company recognized this trend and successfully implemented it.

Recently the company made a session of usability testing on their website and got only positive feedback.

InVision App


InVision App

InVision is one of the greatest tools for designers I’m using by myself every day. I really enjoy working with companies I really believe in.

I’m promoting InVIsion in Israel once there is a mass of great design-studios, start-ups and technology-companies.

UX, Improving the product

InVision App

Being both UX/UI-designer and InVision user allows me to see different design-issues of the product and finding solutions for them.

I’m working on adding new features and improving existing features and user experience of the product.


Lead UI/UX




Tvinci provides TV-over-the-internet platforms for world biggest media companies and operators such as MTV and Orange.

The company is one of the leaders in OTT world in TV-industry. It’s strong backend solutions serve millions of users worldwide.

I lead company's design team which is responsible for designing smartphone, tablet, TV and web interfaces in addition to the Tvinci's branding and marketing materials.

Since I started working in Tvinci 1,5 years ago I got a lot of exeprince in many aspects of planning, designing and developing products: A/B testing, user testing, managing front-end development, defining brand graphic language and more.

Personal project

Retinize It

Retinize It

I believe that designer’s job is not just to make product look awesome.
I create a story behind the product and know how to sell it.

Retinize It is a side project I created for helping other designers.

The Photoshop ation I created is a time-saver for designers and developers who are slicing designs for developers, especially for those who create Retina-screen optimized products - mostly iOS-apps.

I’ve got this idea from seeing my junior designers frustrated of time-consuming slicing proccess.

After making a research I didn’t find a tool that could perfectly fit our workflow and I decided to create one. After I saw that it works great and saves a lot of time and money to our company I decided to make Retinize It available for free for other designers or developers.

The tool made a big buzz in design-community mentioned by almost all major design blogs and websites.

UI design

JitBit Helpdesk

JitBit Helpdesk

JitbBit Helpdesk is the an award winning product of JitBit.

The product focuses on support ticket managment and has both desktop and mobile version.

JitbBit Helpdesk is a complicated back-end system with thousands of active users, so my challenge was to improve the experience through changing existing patterns and worflows that users familiar with as less as possible.

I was responsible for redesigning the UI and walking through interface elements transitions and effects with front-end developer.

After going live with new version JitBit received a lot of thankful feedbacks from users about the new comfortable UI.


Hackathon project


WeBetter is a project that took the 1st place on AngelHack Tel Aviv 2013 hackathon. The idea behind hackatons is making an ideas happen in 24 hours.

By winning this competition we got tickets to TechCrunch Disrupt 2013 in San Francisco and a place in AngelHack accellerator.